Sieving and top lifting harvesters for accurately harvesting root crops whilst preserving the soil stability under various conditions and soil types are available from AgVantage UK Ltd. As dealers for Dewulf machinery, we offer the full product range including two to four row mounted, trailed and self-propelled harvesters for the progressive grower.

Sieving harvesters

AgVantage UK Ltd offer the full product range of sieving harvesters from Dewulf, from the Kwatro Xtreme self-propelled four-row, designed to provide maximum capacity with the largest bunker available on the market, to the lightest trailed from the range – the Dewulf Torro.

Equipped with numerous innovative features and technological capabilities, sieving harvesters from Dewulf guarantee the prevention of high quality product losses whilst increasing profitability from efficient and effective harvesting. 

Dewulf have designed and constructed an enjoyable working environment focussed on the operator, with excellent visibility and extreme ease of use, all whilst providing a smooth and comfortable drive with minimal fuel consumption.

Sieving harvesters

Discover the range of sieving harvesters available from AgVantage UK Ltd

Top Lifting Harvesters

Find the perfect top lifting harvester for your operations

Top lifting harvesters

Produced using wear resistant components to guarantee reliability and longevity, with no compromise on quality, top lifting harvesters from Dewulf provide the highest level of durability and harvesting accuracy available on the market.

The vast range of top lifting harvesters available from AgVantage UK Ltd extends across mounted, trailed and self-propelled options. Catering for the needs and aligning with all root crop growers’ operations. Our top lifting harvesters are available with 1 to 5 rows, with bunker, forks or discharge elevator.

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