Offering accurate grading, preventing damage and helping increase product value by sorting precisely for a higher quality end result, AgVantage are thrilled to offer the full Dewulf product range of Grading equipment. 

Fully flexible and able to be integrated into your production line with ease, choose either a web unit or roller unit to grade your product accurately and efficiently with minimal man-power. 

The Flexible Grader: roller unit

Flexible by name, this roller unit can be integrated into your storage line at any stage and will work with various branded hoppers, as well as being able to be used independently if required. Switch between cleaning and grading rollers quickly and easily as well as increase or decrease the intensity and speed at which the product moves along the belts. 

The roller unit is available with RZ smooth rollers, SZ spiral rollers, SU sorting rollers or PU star rollers.

Roller Unit

Web Grader

The Web Grader

Boasting a 900mm wide grading area and working at a slight incline, the Web Grader from Dewulf guarantees high quality product and a higher value net yield. Able to accurately work alongside various branded receiving hoppers, as well as side-by-side with multiple Web Graders one after the other, this grader enables you to sort the product into various sizes to allow for precise storage and organisation.

The Web Graders from Dewulf are available in either rubber or metal sorting webs, enabling you to accurately grade depending on the conditions of the crop.

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